Millet Bru second head

I made second Millet Bru head.
These two heads are made from the same mold. I used the same antique glass eyes and wig. Just changed way of painting and eye cut and made some other adjustments. I like second head so much better.😊


Millet head #2

side by side comparison between head #1 and #2

I often receive inquires about heads I don’t use like this one. The answer is,  I keep all of them in my “box of extra heads” till I use someday. They may not look right to me today but I could change my mind in future. You never know. Thank you again for all your inquiries

最初に作った子のように、使わないヘッドはどうするのですか?というお問合せをよくいただきますが、それらは全部箱に保管してあります。いつか使う日が来るかもしれないので、その日が来るまでみんな眠っています. 🙂

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