Dolls by the Seaside event

I left winter wonderland Nevada and headed to warmer and greener Monterey Bay area California to attend Dolls by the Seaside event organized by UFDC Independent Spirits Doll Club California.  It was two and half day event and high-light of this trip for me was tour to the Grovian Museum ( Carmel Doll Shop) and event sales room, Seaside Banquet with Alan Scott Pate. They also had ticketed luncheon, doll dialogues, helper room and people’s choice exhibition of doll costumed in beach attire. I had best time spending few days with doll friends, meeting with new people, admiring breathtaking dolls. ( and shopping!)  Please enjoy photos from this wonderful event. 🙂

カリフォルニア州のUFDCドールクラブ主催のDolls by the Seasideというイベントに参加するためです。
金土日と週末二日半のイベントだったのですが、私の目的はカーメルドールショップとそのお店に併設されているグロービアン美術館へのツアー、セールスルームでの材料の仕入れ、そしてアラン. スコット. ペイトさんのプログラム付き晩餐会です。そのほかにもセミナー付きのランチ、コンペなど多彩なプログラムがありました。

I took train first time to California due to heavy snow.

Then drove through green valleys in California, So beautiful.

We arrived Seaside CA near Monterey Bay where event took place

We arrived at Carmel Doll Shop and Grovian Museum!

Inside shop was full of beautiful dolls

I could just live here with these Bru bebes

Back to the hotel for more fun programs!

Doll dialogues by Alan Scott Pate

Doll dialogues by John Paul Port

Always fun to learn about paper dolls from Maryll Goldsmith

Time for shopping!

Mary Simonton’s room

Alan Scott Pate’s room

Christine Shiveley Benjamin’s room

Banquet with Alan Scott Pate

His program was about Japanese Dolls and Ritual Destruction, very interesting theme.

Center piece was designed based on Alan’s subject. How beautiful!

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