Back from Japan

11月23日からはMaria Alonso Antiques さんにてVelvet Knot人形展にも出品いたしますので、機会があればそちらの方にも足を運んで下さると嬉しいです。

I am back from Japan ! My exhibition at Kaiko Doll was a big success.
My two Bru dolls found new owners and I am extremely happy that I was able to
meet new and old doll friends in my home country. Alan Scott Pate and his Doll tour group also came to view my dolls at Kaiko-Doll shop. Thank you so much for coming to see me and my dolls!  My other two dolls ( 24 inch and 19 inch Bru’s) will be exhibited at Velvet-Knot Doll Exhibition from November 23 -December 3rd in Tokyo.

Doll tour group with Alan Scott Pate also came to see my dolls at Kaiko-Doll Tokyo

My Bru dolls at Kaiko-Doll Tokyo

Alan’s group and Yoshitoku staff, some of Japanese doll artists all joined and went on dinner cruise. Inside ship has tatami floor which is traditional Japanese style dinner cruise boat called “Yakata-bune”. We enjoyed sashimi and tempra.

Night view of Tokyo bay from cruise ship


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