Schmitt Bebe

I made this Schmit bebe head almost three years ago to keep in my collection. She will be 14 inch tall when finish and it was suppose to be my first Schmitt doll. Well, it’s been busy three years and I completely neglected her ( actually I forgot that I made her ) and I just found this head laying around in the box sadly. If you live in US right now, it’s very stressful time because of Presidential election. I have been restless just as many of you, and playing with dolls is the perfect way to keep me calm. So I have been playing with this Schmitt bebe for last few days. I attached the head to the body and trying different eyes and wigs. I will eventually make a dress for her and imagining best design for her is so exciting. It brought back love of dolls in my heart again.  I am not posting much on blog lately since I am not making any new dolls right now but I am posting dolls I have made in the past on Facebook and Instagram routinely. Please check my SNS if you see miss my posting!





My little Schmitt head with blue spiral threaded eyes and sheep skin wig

Same head with different wig

Changed eyes to antique blue eyes

Antique eyes and blond wig. I like this combination the best


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