My new Bru head

My new Bru head I was working on just came out from the kiln this morning after final painting. I temporarily set antique brown eyes and she looks very sweet ☺️ I like her so far 💕

This Bru Jne 6 mold is one the difficult mold to paint because of her mouth shape. The space between upper lip and lower lip is wider than other Bru mold so I have to pay extra attention to paint to make it look like she has a ” tongue”. I used my antique Bru Jne 7 as a painting guide and took extra time to paint her eyebrows and lips for this head. I think she came out very satisfactory. Probably one of the best Bru Jne 6 I have painted so far. ( this doll is reserved )

I will be concentrating on finishing the AT doll for the WDDS Sacramento show from now on. I will resume Bru production after the show.😊



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