Bru head for exhibition in Japan

I finished painting a 14 inch Bru Jne 4 head for exhibition in Japan this November.

I temporarily set antique blue eyes and she looks great! I think I am going to use these eyes for her. I added a blonde mohair wig and hat to get some ideas how she would look when she is dressed. Trying out wigs and hats will give me some clue when I design a dress for each doll. She seems to go well with red color. I know she would definitely look good with blue but I have been making dolls with blue dresses a lot lately so I love to try red this time.😊



ブルーアイなのでブルーのドレスが似合うのは決まっていますが、最近ブルー系のドレスばかり作っていたので、この子は赤もいい感じに似合いそうなので、赤いドレスを作ってあげようと思います。この作品は、展示会中に抽選販売となります。展示会のご案内はこちらです。Velvet Knot 人形

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