Changing the fabric

Even though the deadline is approaching, sometimes I make a dress half way and think, “Huh? It doesn’t look like what I imagined. It doesn’t look right on her😨“. That’s happening this time 😭

I’m going to start over again by changing the design and color. This Bru definitely looks better in blue than red and gold …

This turquoise blue fabric I will be using is an antique gown from 1870’s silk taffeta. This fabric is very thin and crisp and has beautiful luster and it turns into heavy looking fabric by adding thick cotton backing.

締め切りが迫っているのに、ドレスを作り始めて“あれ?なんかイメージと違う。似合わない、おかしい、アカン😨”という事がたまにあります。 今回はそれーーー😭



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