Bru dress is completed

I am leaving for Japan in two weeks and finally finished the Bru dress. ( Hooray!) I have used this design multiple times this year because it looks really nice on Bru dolls. Even though they have the same base design I can still create a different impression by using different colored fabrics and changing small details. I particularly like this cerulean blue silk taffeta which is very hard to find in modern fabric. This blue makes the doll look very special I think.

Now I need to finish the bonnet and shoes ASAP

あと二週間で日本へ出発するのですが、やっとBru嬢のドレスが完成しました。(*^▽^*)/ 実はこのデザイン、今年はもう何回か使ったのですが、生地や色を変えるとどれも違った印象になります。特にこのセルリアンブルーのシルクタフタは、現代物の生地ではなかなか見つからない色と風合いなので、お人形をより引き立たせてくれると思います。さて、あとはボネと靴を急いで仕上げなければ。(;^ω^)

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