My next doll

My next doll ..

14” Bru Jne 4 with antique eyes.

I made this head last year at the same time I was making 14” Bru with a blue dress that I took to Japan. I am going to finish her with a red dress I was working on. ( this doll is reserved )

Feels very satisfying to finally get started on project I was not able to do previously

そろそろ仕事始めしないと、ですね (;^ω^)

去年展示会用に作った青いドレスのBru嬢と同時期に作っていた双子のかたわれちゃんを、今回は仕上げます。 ドレスも作りかけの赤いドレスを完成させます。全部中途半端で投げ出していた娘なので、今年はちゃんとお支度整えます。(この作品は予約済みです)

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