UFDC Doll News Magazine Winter issue

If you are a member of UFDC you probably received our quarterly magazine     ” Doll News” by now.
The cover is one of Friendship doll Ichimatsu Ningyo “Miss Wakayama”.  Anyone familiar with her face?
She is displayed at our Nevada Historical Society museum permanent exhibition in Reno Nevada.
Our local doll club took a field trip to the museum to study about her back in 2009.  This winter issue of Doll News magazine contains fabulous article of Friendship dolls by Alan Scott Pate.
Not only that, it features my friend Dale Rensing’s article ” Elements of Style” which talks about antique bebe dresses and their historical back ground.      Dale used two of my dolls as mannequin to showcase her bebe dress on her article. I am extremely honored that my dolls were features on Doll News magazine.
Thank you Dale!

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