Antique paper-weight eyes

I have mentioned how hard it is to find antique eyes but believe or not,  I have two wonderful antique Jumeau eyes in stock now.

One pair have spiral thread with high crystal dome and the others are human eye type navy blue eyes.
These eyes are fairly large so I thinking they will fit on 24 inch Bru Jne head.
I have poured 24 inch Bru Jne 11 head and it’s in cleaning stage right now.
I don’t know which eyes will fit well at this point.  Fitting antique eyes is very tricky since their sizing is different from modern eyes we often use. I probably have to make few test heads to figure out right eye openings and shapes. I never know if I made eye cut correctly till I finish whole painting.  Making one complete head is a long process and I have to keep repeating the process till I make the right head with a right look.
It will be for a while till I can show my next doll face but please be patient.                             I will be posting progress of making her as much as possible.
ひとつのヘッドを完成させるには、何段階もの手間のかかる作業をしなければなりません。 それを何回か繰り返して複数のヘッドを作ることになるので、最終的な完成品をお披露目できるのは少し先になりそうです。どうか気長にお付き合い願います。
24 inch Bru Jne 11 head greenware, still needs fine detail adjustment of eye cut
Spiral thread high crystal dome antique Jumeau eyes, extremely hard to find.Human eye type antique Jumeau eyes in Navy blue.

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