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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010


I just came back form my dream vacation in Italy and Russia !
Both countries were as equally as wonderful but I made special memory in Russia by meeting wonderful friends.
Ilmira was one of them. ( She is a doll dress designer and has online doll shop ” Respectfulbear” )
She was kind enough to invite me to her flat and we talked about dolls and dresses endlessly.
You never have enough time when you meet your doll friends. I wish I could stay there much longer.
I personally admire her work very much and getting to know her was a special honor.
Thank you Ilmira!
I also had an opportunity to visit Alexander place at Pushkin Tsaskoye Tselo to see doll exhibition.
Both German and French dolls were displayed at the palace where Romanov princesses stayed in their last years.
I quickly became a little girl again when I stood in the same palace where these princesses once lived.
Also seeing buildings in Moscow and St Petersburg were eye candy to me since I love antique European architectures.
We were very fortunate to have two wonderful guides to show us their beautiful cities.
Now I have better understanding of both culture and history of Russia. Thank you Elena and Sonia.
We would been so lost without you.
In fact we got lost at Moscow metro station since none of my family members can’t read Russian alphabet but we met a kind lady who took us to the right station by taking train with us.
This is juts one of many kind people I met in Russia.
The weather was warm and perfect but people were also very kind.
I am looking forward going back there again!



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