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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

 We had very long winter this year and finally getting warm here in Reno.

I feel like I haven’t seen live flowers forever and can’t even remember how warm weather feels like.

Creating this new doll during cold weather gave me so much joy and made my heart warm.
I am happy to share her with everyone at last.
I like to call her ” Pink Princess” because of her sweet expressions and her pink dress!
Her total appearance is just sooo sweet almost like cotton candy or spring flowers. Very cheerful and uplifting.
She makes me happy just gazing at her. I always thought Bru dolls look better with bold color like dark red or royal blue but I admit, she looks great on pink!
Especially this antique pink color. Maybe some people call it Jumeau pink.
This fabric came from antique silk dress probably form 1880’s. It has nice faded pink tone with some wear from it’s age.
I used original pleats from the dress to make the bottom part of the skirt so I can preserve wear at the corner of each pleat.
Some people may not like to have holes and stains on your doll dress but I tend to like them. They tell the history of the fabric and make newly created dress look aged with these characters.

I painted her lips bit smaller per customer request and that also gave her this sweet little girl like expressions.

I use this 19″ Bru Jne 11 mold very often but each of them has different faces.
I can customize facial paintings per request so that each customer can have their favorite looks of the doll.

Today is Mother’s day and I am very happy to share her on this day. We have been very busy ” being mother ” taking care of family first and not having enough time to take care of yourself.

Today is the day to bring back ” little girl” inside of you and pamper yourself. All mothers deserve this day ( more than one day a year I think ) and enjoy being yourself.

I hope this princess will help to make your day a bit brighter and puts smile on your face when you look at her and makes your heart warm.

 Happy Mother’s Day !









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