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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I have made few 16 inch Bru Jne dolls lately but I never had chance to post fully dressed Bru Jne 6 till now.
This time I had a great opportunity to recreate this wonderful Bru inspired by antique Bru Jne. I am sure many of you recognized her gorgeous red dress.
I also painted her face differently from how I usually do in order to capture look of ” antique Bru” .
How different? Her eye cut and eye lashes are not very even. Also her mouth is painted differently, sort of wider than I usually paint.
I did not make “fine tuning” when I painted her head.
It took me for few days to get use to her face because I could not see her as a ”pretty doll” at first.
Amazing part of human brain is, she became prettier as I dressed her up. By the time I finished making her dress she completely grew on me and I fell in love with her!
I wish I could keep her bit longer to enjoy but I am much happier once I found out she made new home safely and new owner just loves her!
Getting such feedback from customer is my happiest moment as an artist.

I copied design from antique Bru doll to make this special dress. People often ask me where I get patterns to make these dresses.

Well, I don’t really have patterns.What I have is few basic patterns and I make adjustment by changing shapes of certain parts or add something.

Copying dress form pictures is not easy especially figuring out how they are constructed.
It took me good two days to figure out how front panel of the dress is put together. You can’t get three dimensional information from pictures so the rest is up to my imagination.
I really appreciate my kindergarten teacher who taught us ” origami” skill. It became very useful in this age to be able to understand how dresses are constructed. LOL

Antique velvet is a wonderful fabric to work with. Especially for hat making. It creates right shape of wrinkles and volume without much effort or trick.

Again I was having problem figuring out how the bonnet was constructed but I was saved by the fabric. It created the shape I wanted with few stitches.It would be very difficult to do this with brand new fabric.

Please visit my website to see full view of this doll.Hope everyone enjoys seeing her !!









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