Photo shooting for magazine

I recently had an offer to be featured on ” Antique Doll” magazine published in Russia. Antique doll collecting and reproduction doll making are still new in Russia.                          I order to provide much needed information to Russian doll enthusiasts, very first antique doll magazine was published last year.  I am extremely honored to be featured on this magazine as a doll artist.


Front cover of the magazine

I had photo session with local photographer Gina Munda back in end of March.                 To meet deadline of magazine, I had to finish my 24 inch Bru by photo session day so that she can be photographed. I also needed my portrait with my dolls but I am not very good at being photographed since I am kind of camera shy. On top of that, I was ill on that day from busy schedule in March, I woke up with swollen face with body ache. Despite of my poor condition, Gina performed magic.She photographed wonderful images of me and my dolls. Gina is not only a photographer but also an artist. She instantly understood what kind of images I was looking for in limited amount of time we had for session.                     When I photograph my dolls, they appear more like catalog images because I need to be able to show all detail of doll parts. On the other hand, Gina’s images are very artistic with depth.Her images seem to capture different side of my doll,almost like she is alive.             I just love how she photographed my new Bru doll.

Here is Gina’s website if anyone is interested in contacting her.  Gina Munda photography

雑誌の締め切りに間に合うように、3月の末に私の自宅にてプロのカメラマンに撮影をお願いしました。撮影当日までに作品を仕上げなければならなかったので、一時はどうなることかと思いました。しかも、3月はとても忙しかったので撮影当日は風邪を引いてしまい、その日はむくんだ顔で起きるし、体中は痛いし、で最悪の出だしだったのですが、カメラマンのジーナは実に素晴らしい方で、とても良い写真を撮ってくれました。             私が作品の写真を撮るときは、どちらかというとカタログっぽい写真になってしまうのですが、ジーナはカメラマンであるとともにアーティストでもあるので、視点が私とまったく違っています。彼女の撮るイメージにはとても深みがあって、同じお人形でもまるで生きているように違った表情を見せてくれます。彼女の撮ったイメージを載せてみましたのでご覧ください。

Images by Gina Munda

” Antique Doll”  magazine is published four times a year and I will be on summer issue this year.  Please check on their website to peak on what’s inside of the magazine.                    I can not read in Russian but I can tell this book is full of useful information.                          I better study how to read in Russian !

ロシア版雑誌”アンティークドール”は、年に4回発行されています。私は夏号に掲載される予定です。興味のある方はこちらからHPにアクセスできますので覗いてみてください。   とても充実した中身で、ロシア語が読めたら、とつくづく思いました。

My Bru doll was featured at back cover of spring issue.

Inside magazine is full of extensive study of antique dolls


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