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Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

 Many people may have wondered why I am posting the same doll I made in 2008 again.

Well, I often get requests to make a copy of the doll on my website and this doll I just posted is one of the most popular models.

I have made quite a few sisters of her since I made the first model in June 2008.

I don’t usually post the same doll on a website catalog, but this doll is not an exact copy of the Bru I made in 2008.

So I thought it might be a good idea to post her to show the differences.
How different?
Her dress is a steel blue color instead of dark green, but the biggest difference is in her eyes.
If you compare their photos side by side, you can tell this new Bru has different eyes.
Her eyes have blue spiral thread like enamel eyes you see in early French dolls, and her eye cut is smaller than the Bru I made in 2008.
I used size 16 mm eyes for 2008 model Bru, but the new Bru has size 14 mm eyes, one size smaller.
That means her irises are also smaller. This smaller and narrower eye shape creates that piercing look of Bru, which I love.
All of my 19″ Bru Jne dolls are made from the same mold, but I change the size and shape of the eye cut depending on the kind of look I want to create.
If I want a sweet and innocent look, I would make the eye cut larger and use eyes with larger irises.
On the other hand, I also love the look of antique Bru with piercing eyes. So if I want to create that look, I need to apply eyes with smaller irises and make a narrower eye cut.
I love Bru Jne dolls because they come with so many different facial expressions.
Some have a sweet and innocent look, some of them have noble expressions like a princess or even have an attitude like a diva….
But I always have special feelings toward a Bru Jne with dark hair, blue dress and piercing blue eyes, This new Bru I just created has everything that I love about Bru.
Now you know why I posted the same doll again.



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