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Monday, July 18th, 2011


Gee, I finally finished making my first complete Halopeau doll to take to the UFDC convention.

And here she is!

I have made quite a few H heads recently but never had a chance to make a complete doll.
Most of the dolls I have been making are custom dolls. In other words, I don’t decide the dress or details of the dolls.

They are all requested by the customer. This H doll was created by ” however I want” style.I have been wanting to make a dress with this design for a long time, and I have been saving this antique sage green fabric just for this dress.
I am very happy that I was finally able to use it.
It turned out very chic and I really love it! Even though I had only a very little time to make this dress, I hand stitched all cording trims and used lots of fabric manipulation techniques.
Edging trim at the bottom of the jacket is made with silver thread. It’s very heavy and has a nice antique patina which adds another layer of richness to the dress.
While I was making this head, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to study an antique AT doll in my house.
One of my customers offered me the use of her antique AT doll as a painting guide to make an H head for her, and she actually let me keep the doll for a month.
I had an antique AT doll side by side to paint this H head ( and my customer’s) to capture the true coloring of skin tone, feathered brows, lip shade, etc …
How lucky can I be!
As a result, I think she greatly resembles an AT doll.
I am taking her to the UFDC national convention this Saturday.
She will be available in the sales room at Teri’s Antique Dolls booth.
I look forward to meeting new friends there!







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