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Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I have been working to finish orders I started before the UFDC convention. I finished a Circle Dot Bru recently, and I have finished another doll at this time.
She is a 16-inch Bru Jne 11 with a navy blue dress. I have two Bru Jne molds to make 16-inch dolls. One is a Bru Jne 6, and the other is this Bru Jne 11.This Bru Jne 11 is a reduced size of a 24-inch Bru Jne 11, but Bru Jne 11’s characteristic facial features somehow got lost during the mold reducing process. So she may look slightly different from a larger size Bru Jne 11, but this doll also has a different look from the Bru Jne 6 mold.
My customer’s order was to make a pale toned Bru doll in a dark blue dress. Therefore she has very pale skin with pale eyes and a pale blonde wig. The dark navy blue dress seems to emphasize her paleness even more. I like both pale skinned and pink skinned dolls, and this Bru Jne 11 looks beautiful with her pale complexion.
I took an antique silk dress apart and used silk and velvet fabric to make the dress. Her dress has a rather interesting design. It looks like a jacket dress, but the top and the skirt are connected at the back so it is actually a one-piece dress.It also has pleating at the bottom of the jacket part and accent ruffles in front. I love using old metal buttons on my doll dresses, but it’s very difficult to find quantities of them in small sizes and with matched designs. So whenever I find them, I try to stock up. I used seven of them in the front part of the dress, and that added richness to the design.
I made the lace bonnet with antique insertion lace and cotton trim with many yards of lace ruffles and silk ribbons. It always amazes me to find that such a tiny bonnet requires so many yards of lace and ribbons. If you have ever wondered why antique lace bonnets are so expensive, I think this is the reason. I don’t make lace bonnets very often, but it’s been a hit since I made it for the Bru Jne 6 doll with an ecru dress. I think this type of bonnet frames her face and pale blonde wig very well.
I have been working on this doll since April. I can’t thank my customers enough for being so patient. I hope I can keep making dolls that are worth waiting for.



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