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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
 Last April I made my first Circle Dot Bru doll using the wrong head mold. I finally purchased a correct mold from the Virginia LaVorgna Company and have made a French Circle Dot Bru doll.
 Not just one, but I made two dolls to show this time. One has brown eyes and the other one has blue eyes.
As you can see in the photos these two dolls have very different faces. The brown-eyed Bru has smaller irises with pale skin, which was requested by my customer in order to capture the authentic look of an antique Circle Dot Bru. I had a wonderful opportunity to study the look of an antique Circle Dot Bru during the UFDC convention last month, and I think this brown-eyed Bru came out pretty close to having that antique look.
I have noticed Circle Dot Bru dolls seem to have two kinds of faces. One has smaller irises with a more mature look just like this brown-eyed Bru I made, and the other kind has larger irises with a baby-like face. I tried to give a look of “ baby face” to this blue- eyed Circle Dot Bru. Her irises are larger, almost filling up the entire eye holes, and her pink skin seems to emphasize her chubby cheeks. They look almost like two different dolls made from different molds, but they were actually made from the same mold. It’s very interesting how you can change the look of each doll by changing the color of the skin and using different eyes.
Their bodies are Bru style leather body with leather legs. I have stained the body to give an aged look.
 I also used “claw like ” Bru hands for this doll. They are different from the Bru hands that are used for Bru Jne dolls.
 Antique Bervete and Circle Dot Bru often have these “claw like” finger hands. Later model Bru Jne dolls have more delicately sculptured hands that Bru dolls are famous for.
 I have been making Bru dolls for quite some times but this is the first time I made a Circle Dot Bru. Because for a long time I wasn’t a very big fan of this model..
 But once I started learning more about them, I discovered their beauty and how irresistible they can be.
I will definitely try to make more Circle Dot Bru dolls to show how beautiful and cute they are!
モールドは、バージニア ラボーニャ社の18インチサークルドットブリュを使いました。

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