Another Bru Jne 8 head

I modified mouth of Bru Jne 8 head I made last time but I was not 100 % happy with her.     I have been working on another head with different technique to change the shape of the mouth. This time I build up thickness to upper lip so that upper lip will protrude more compare to lower lip. The Bru Jne 8 mold I have has the face with lower lip seem thicker than upper lip and that creates different facial expression than Bru Jne with tongue.             I posted photo of two heads side by side and you can tell a big difference between their mouth. Again, they are made form exactly the same mold. I changed a shape of the mouth and eye cut with new head. I think I am going to use this head to finish the Bru with an antique body. She has the looks of antique Bru and I really like the way she turned out.


These Bru Jne 8 heads are made from the same mold. I changed shape of mouth on head on the right side. The head on the left is before I made change.


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