Bru Jne 8 head on antique Chevrot body

I mounted Bru Jne 8 head on antique Chevrot body today. I have been waiting this moment for quite some time. In order to find the right head to go with this antique body, I fired probably 10 heads at least. Antique Bru dolls come with 17 different sizes from size zero to 16 and each head has only slight size differences. I originally thought Bru Jne 6 would work for this body but turned out the head is too small. I have fired head of Bru Jne 7, 8, 9 and 11 and found out Bru Jne 8 fits the best. However, this particular mold does not have the shape of the mouth I like, so I had to make some changes. I am sooooo glad I was able to finish this head just in time. Now I can’t wait to finish the costume!!



These are the different size heads  I have tried on this body. Only Bru Jne 8 fits correctly on this antique body.                               このボデイーのために焼いてみたヘッドの数々。全部サイズがビミョウに違います。


Lunch meeting in London



So far I have few people responded to my lunch meeting plan in London this coming July.   I am so excited to meet my friends in Europe and have an opportunity to show my dolls!     Here are some more information about the meeting.

Date :  July 12th Saturday 2014 around 11:30 am till 2 to 3 pm                                         Where : So far I am planing to reserve space at restaurant near Paddington train station London UK. The actual place will be emailed to participants later.

Program : Show and tell of my Bru Jne 8 doll with antique Chevrot body. We will study about Chevrot body and antique doll costuming.

Originally I was not planning to sell any of my dolls at this meeting but I did get request for purchase option so the Bru Jne 8 with antique body I am making right now will be for sale on site. I am also taking three Bru heads with antique eyes for sale. They can be purchased as head only or I can finish the doll with or without a dress after customer choose to buy a head. They are two 16 inch Bru Jne 6 head and one 14 inch Bru Jne 4 head as you see on picture below. These three Bru heads are offered to meeting participants only but Bru Jne 8 with antique Chavrot body will be for sale on my website if she did not sell at the meeting.

Please email me to or message me from facebook page if you have any questions or interested in attending this meeting. Look forward to seeing you in London!



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