Lunch Meeting in London


My newest creation 17 inch Bru Jne 8 will be premiered in London!

I am taking this 17 inch Bru Jne 8 and three Bru heads to London next week. I am having lunch meeting with friends in Europe to show my work and study about doll costuming and how antique Bru Chevrot body is constructed. It will be very casual small gathering to get to know each other and simply just to have fun! The meeting will be held at upstairs dining room at traditional English Pub The Victoria. This old Victorian house is a perfect environment to study about French dolls surrounded by Victorian de’cores.

Date :  July 12th Saturday 2014 around 11:30 am till 2 to 3 pm                                       Where : The Victoria near by Paddington train station.

Program : Show and tell of my Bru Jne 8 doll with antique Chevrot body. We will study about Chevrot body and antique doll costuming.

17 inch Bru Jne 8 with antique body will be for sale on site. I am also taking three Bru heads with antique eyes for sale. They can be purchased as head only or I can finish the doll with or without a dress after customer choose to buy a head. They are two 16 inch Bru Jne 6 head and one 14 inch Bru Jne 4 head as you see on picture below. These three Bru heads are offered to meeting participants only but Bru Jne 8 with antique Chavrot body will be for sale on my website if she did not sell at the meeting.

Please email me to or message me from facebook page if you have any questions or interested in attending this meeting. Look forward to seeing you in London!


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