Bru hat completed

Hat making doesn’t usually take too long for me. I usually plan for a day or two depends of the size and design. But this hat took about four days to finish. The original antique Bru hat uses straw hat as base but instead, I made frame with millinery wires. Figuring out the right size of brim was also tricky. This hat looks so beautiful and grand because of the large brim. But if I make the brim too large, the doll will look silly. I finally came up with the right size brim for my 14 inch Bru after adjusting the pattern multiple times. The back side of the hat also has many layers of lace and fabrics to give depth and richness and making each parts were time consuming. I also struggled to figure out how to place ribbon at front part of the brim. ( please refer to the photo below ) Placing ribbon in this fashion seem nothing to it but when I tried, it looked so goofy. I ended up with making few different color and style of accent ribbons to see which one works the best. If none of them looked right, I was going to not to add ribbon in front. But I finally figure it out today and it seem okay, I think, I hope. Here are photos of the hat I finished today.



This ribbon at the front was extremely hard to duplicate.               このフロント部分のリボンのつけ方がとても難しかったです。

I tried with many different ribbons…                                                                                          試したリボンの数々。。。

Here is my version of Bru hat.                          完成品はこんな感じに出来上がりました。


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