Black Bru doll dress completed

Okay, I finally finished the dress for my 17 inch black Bru Jne !                                             It’s a classic drop waist Bru dress with very simple decorations. Because she has an antique Bru kid body, I wanted to make authentic look Bru dress that you would find on antique Bru dolls. It may not a dress that stands out so much by itself but it will look ” right” when I put it on my black Bru doll.  Next project is a bonnet!

ブラックBru嬢のドレスが完成しました! 典型的なドロップウェストのBruスタイルドレスです。今回のブラックBruにはアンテイークのキッドボデイーを使用しているので、アンテイークのBruが着ているような、ごてごてした飾りの無いシンプルなデザインをあえて選びました。さて次はボネット制作に取り掛かります!

The silk fabric I used for the front panel and skirt is teal green color ( bit brighter than this ) but my camera could not pick up the true color.



The actual color of green silk fabric looks more like this photo below. Hope I can give you better idea with this one.


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