19 inch Bru Jne 11 with antique body and antique eyes ~SOLD~

This doll is now sold. Thank you for visiting my blog!


I will be in Japan a week from today and my newest creation 19 inch Bru Jne 11 with antique body will be there with me to meet Japanese doll friends!

Before I take her to the plane, I must introduce her to all of you who are not able to attend  lunch meeting in Japan. She may not come back with me to US. ( We will see …)     Here are photos of my newest creation. Enjoy!

*************************************************************************************************一週間後には東京です! この完成した新作の19インチのBru嬢も私と一緒にランチミーテイングで皆さんにお会い出来る日を楽しみにしています。


She has an antique Chevrot body including her bisque shoulder plate and bisque lower arms. I fired her head very carefully this time to match the color with antique bisque parts. I used antique French paper weight glass eyes for her in order to enhance authentic look. These eyes have beautiful blue tone with high dome.


I have decided to make blue dress for this special Bru doll so I used rich cobalt blue antique silk fabric to make her jacket. I also chose delicate point de gaze lace to give special feeling to this dress. The design of the dress is very simple but these rich material seem to make simple dress look fabulous!



Her undergarment are made with antique cotton batiste and cotton lace. I used antique silk jacquard fabric for outer side of the corset. Her chemise has wide neck openings in order to show her beautiful bisque breast plate. I applied lace around neck line of chemise carefully so that only small amount of the lace will show underneath of the jacket.



She has an original antique Bru Chevrot body including her bisque shoulder plate and bisque lower arms. Her upper arms show the damage from age but I did not repair them purposely because I did not want to loose integrity of antique body.


Her right 5th toe and left thumb, index finger are damage and being repaired. They were already in this condition when I purchased this body.





Back side of the silk bonnet. Please read my old entry to read about bonnet making.     http://bebesbysayuri.com/dollblog/?p=3303


I spent extra time to take pattern from antique Bru shoes to make these Bru shoes. Please read old entry to read about shoe making. http://bebesbysayuri.com/dollblog/?p=3340




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