A Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year! May 2016 brings lots of joy and happiness to everyone.

2016 is my 10th anniversary year since I established doll business and opened my website back in 2006. There were some ups and downs in past 10 years but I would never guessed my doll’s popularity stays this stable. I can not thank enough for everyone who supported me through the year and gave me encouragement.

Well, I have planed two big events this year as my new year resolution. The fist one is to have annual lunch meeting event in my house this year around Memorial day weekend which is last weekend of May. I can plan for two days event instead of one day I have been doing. I will make a doll to present for this event and everyone can see her and touch her, undress her ( I am planing to use antique Chevrot body again) to study her body and dress. I could also plan some other study subject per participant request. I also have large amount of doll mold I was given and I like to share them for anyone wish to take them home. 

The second plan is to make a photo book of my favorite dolls in past 10 years. I made doll calendar last year and it was in big demand. I will try to put my doll photos together in book this year for more keepsake style. It will take time to organize and edit photos so I am aiming them to be available before Christmas time.

I can not promise all plans will come true but I will try. Please look forward for what I will do this year!







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