First day of doll making this year

Ahhhh, I finally found time to start doll making first time in this year! I have been wanting to do so many things and all kinds of ideas were brewing in my head for last few weeks. I want to try something new this year since I acquired quite few molds last year. There is no way I can try them all so I selected few project I may be able to do this year.

今年やっとドールメイキングを始めることができました! 今まであれこれとやりたいことを頭の中でグルグル考えていて、この機会をずっと待ていました。去年たくさんのモールドをいただいたので、今年は新しい作品に挑戦してみたいのですが、さすがに全部のモールドを試してみるわけにはいかないので、今年作れそうな物を絞ってチャレンジしてみます。


I picked these two molds as my first project of the year. 12 inch milette size Bru Jne and large A. Marque head.


The smallest Bru Jne I have been making was 14 inch Bru Jne 4. This 12 inch Bru head on the right seem so much smaller compare to 14 inch Bru on the left. The head will shrink even more after I bisque fire. Will I be able to paint her to make it look like Bru???


Thank goodness I have this issue of Gildebrief including pattern of 12 inch Chevrot body.


I never worked with A Marque head. This will be my very first time to try. We will see how it will turn out. If I can create good enough quality head , I may be able to offer her for sale…


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