Making body parts for Milette Bru

Milette size Bru will be about 12 inches tall when I put together. Of course each body parts are so much smaller than what I am use to making. I have been working on body parts at the same time as I was in the process of cleaning Bru and Marque heads. I don’t have much time luxury for doll making since I can do this only on my day offs so I need to work very efficiently. I am so glad I made this much progress so far.



This is the area may not be seen by anyone but I want to make sure this little Bru has        ” toes” just like antique Bru dolls so I sculpted them before I baked clay. Leg on the right is as they came out from mold. You can barely see toe lines.


After legs were baked, I painted them to match the color with antique Bru legs. Also added little aged look to make them look ” vintage”.


Bisque shoulder plate, bisque arms can be made in short amount of time since they are small. Now I have body parts to fit on Chevrot style torso. But that will be a project for next few weeks…


Milette size Bru head is cleaned, ready for bisque fire. Making eye cut for this little head was a rather challenging job. This greenware is very delicate and you can chip eye rim so easily. I hope it fires without warping. Also cleaned Marque head. Making eye cut in slant position was new to me. I guess that makes distinctive look of  Marque doll.


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