Milette Bru Dress Completed

Oh no! It’e been already 3 weeks since I updated my blog. I have been working on milette Bru dress little by little between tax prep and my nursing work and I finally finished it!


I like to make drop waist dress for small size Bru doll just like I would dress a sweet little bebe. But milette Bru I am making has rather matured facial expressions than sweet little bebe so I decided to make a Jacket dress instead. The size of dress is slightly small than 14 inch doll dress and it was manageable. I used ecru silk to be contrasted with pink silk I chose. I was going to use heavier patterned point de gaze lace on the photo below but the dress is so small and lace seem very heavy, instead I used more delicately patterned net lace.


I always take extra time to figure out sleeve designs. I made three different sleeves this time and attached each one of them on to jacket to see which one looks the best. Often time I can’t tell which design works out till I make samples by using actual fabric and lace. It’s very time consuming process but there isn’t better way to determine best design for the particular doll. I found out the sleeve on the left is the best fit with the rest of the jacket because of the balance of the shoulder puff and lace cuff trim. Other two made jacket seem too heavy and bulky. It may worked for larger size dress but not for a little dress.


I also found these tiny antique buttons in my stock perfect for this small dress. You just never know what materials becomes handy.


I will be working on her bonnet next! Please stay tuned!


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