Wig and choice of fabric

I was sickly for last couple of weeks and I don’t usually work on dolls when my health is not in good condition. I was going through numbers of reference books and doll photos to get ideas of the dress for my milette Bru while I was laying around. Deciding color of the dress is one of difficult task because I just don’t know what color works the best till I have actual doll with wig on. I often let doll speak to me and sometime her choice of color keeps changing depends on the day. She wanted cranberry red till last week so I was almost going with red color then she said, ” Nop, I want pink!” this week. I think I better let everyone know it will be “pink” before she changes her mind. Once I post it on my blog, there will be no going back. Haha


I am going to use this ash blond wig for her. But I had to wash and restyle first since mohair is matted with glue.


Then mohair color turn into light blond instead of ash blond. I guess the ash color was 100 some years worth of dirt!


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