Milette Bru Chevrot style body comleted

Since I found out I have to remake my milette Bru body parts last week, I was so anxious to put this little body together to see how it will look when it’s finished. If you feel the same, here she is!


She is only 12 inch tall but it has correct proportion now.              で、完成しました! 背丈30センチのサイズですが、プロポーションが大きい子と同じように出来たのが嬉しいです。

I love this particular Bru hand mold I used. Molding of fingers are very detailed.


I cast another set of lower legs with larger leg mold. I carved more details on toes …


And adjusted shape of calves and ankles, created arches of the foot.


After clay was baked, I painted them and did little antiquing to make them look aged.


Here is what lower legs look like with a body.


I am still picking dress design at this point. I will take time to decide what dress will looks the best for her. Please stay tuned!


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