Remaking body parts

It was my biggest mistake to say ” making smaller doll’s body parts are fairly easy” in previous posting. Well,  I am paying a big price for saying that because I tried to put body parts together to see the balance then realized hands and legs for milette body are too small for Chevrot style body. The body molds I have are for composition style body and these parts may work fine for that style but not for Bru Chevrot body unfortunately. This kind of mistakes happens all the time when I work with new dolls . You just never know if everything works till you assemble each dolls. I like to pay attention to small details when I make dolls and having appropriate size and style of the body is very important to me.



Put body parts together temporary to see the balance and something is not right with these arms and legs …..


Fortunately I have Bru arm and leg mold one size larger and I tried them with the same torso, Voila! they look so much balanced. Proportion is correct with larger arms and legs.


See the difference in sizes with these arms and legs.


I save body parts with imperfection for fitting purpose to save my time so that I don’t have to fire new parts just to find out which parts works for certain body.


Now I am working on to make new arms and legs. It’s a small set backs but it’s a necessary step to do the job right!


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