12 inch Milette Bru Jne for sale

This doll is now sold. Thank you for visiting!


She is petite 12 inch tall ( without bonnet) and has a Chevrot style body created by me. Her eyes are oval blue spiral threaded P.W. eyes from Hand Glass Craft in UK. She is wearing antique dark blond mohair wig and red coral vintage earrings. 



Her pink silk jacket dress is made with all antique materials including lace and ribbons. Ecru color bonnet is made with matched fabric I used for front panel of the dress and accented with pink silk ribbons.



Her undergarment is also made with antique cotton batiste and antique lace. Petticoat is actually an antique doll petticoat. She is wearing bustle pad underneath of petticoat.



It was my first attempt to work on Chevrot style body for 12 inch doll and I am very pleased with the result. You can read how I made this body from my previous post.


Her bisque hands have beautiful sculpting for such small size doll.


Her shoes are made with black leather decorated with brown silk rosette and antique glass buttons.


Please email me at bebesbysayuri1@gmail.com to inquire about this doll. You can also read about how this doll was created by checking my blog archive. Thank you for visiting my website to view this precious little girl. I hope you enjoyed !



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