Head Cleaning and Body Making for Eden Bebe

I started cleaning Eden bebe head today. I am using picture of antique Eden bebe from Palmira Yamazaki collection as my model. She has much larger eyes than common Eden bebe so I adjusted eye cut to larger almond shape. Making opening for open mouth is sort of tricky too. You don’t want her mouth to be opening too wide.


I marked larger eye line outside of mold eye line with pencil as my guide before make openings.


Here is the cleaned head with eye openings. Will be ready for bisque fire when its dry.


I also poured body mold today. I am trying composition slip from Bell mold first time.


So far so good. It dries pretty fast and I was able to open mold in just two hours after drained.


It’s easy to work with since it’s clay based slip.


I can separate between fingers just like working with clay.


It’s hard to show in pictures but this slip has pink tone and dries in flesh color. Very nice!


 I was able to accomplish a lot today because there was no mishaps. Wish I have such luck every time. (^^)v




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