A Thuillier head with antique eyes

Eden Bebe head is still in progress, meanwhile I like to introduce this special AT head to everyone.  I received this unique request from one of participant of my event in Japan back in April. She showed me a pair of beautiful antique blue spiral threaded eyes and told me that these eyes were from antique FG doll she used to own. Unfortunately her precious antique doll fell from cabinet during massive earthquake 5 years ago and the doll head was shuttered in pieces. She asked me if I can make a new doll head by using  these eyes. I don’t usually take doll head orders but I accepted to show her my appreciation for participating my event. I took eyes home and tried with several heads to see which mold I can use to fit them. I found out AT head mold would be a perfect candidate and my client agreed with excitement. I finally finished AT head and she actually turned out so much better than I expected once I applied antique eyes. I like to show her photos here to share how beautiful she is including her antique eyes. I am just ecstatic that I was able to bring a new life to these eyes once belong to unfortunate broken doll.  My client emailed me that she has been holding guilty feelings for breaking the doll for last five years even it’s not her fault. She has lost passions for dolls because they bring back her sad memories and remind her disaster at her home town.( She grew up at the area where hit by the earthquake) But she said this new AT head is melting her guilty feelings away and she can now move on and leaving the past behind.  Her story really touched me and I feel so blessed to be able to make changes in someone’s life through my dolls. I like to thank not just her but everyone for showing me all kinds of support through the years. I can continue making dolls because of you!




Antique blue spiral threaded eyes from broken doll


AT head photo taken with natural light


Photo taken with studio light. You can see how beautiful her eyes are ..


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