Eden Bebe head and body completed

I say Eden Bebe head was the most challenging mold I have ever worked with ! Not only I was trying to create ” Sawako” type look out of non-Sawako face mold, her eyelashes and eyebrows are very difficult to paint compare to other French dolls like Bru or AT I often make. I had to practice long hours in order to create this head I just finished. But practice paid off and I am very happy with the result . I think she is just adorable!



This is the type of Eden Bebe mold I use.




This is Sawako type Eden Bebe ( Collection of Palmira Yamazaki). Note the difference of eye shape and  eyebrows. They also have very pale skin tone compare to common Eden Bebe.


And, this is my version of “Sawako” type Eden Bebe!


I used antique oval eyes with very high dome.


I made this composition body by using paper-mache composition slip. Gave antique finish to create vintage look.


Her wrists are jointed and articulated.


Now I can move on to fun part of dress making! How exciting!


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