Photos from customers

I have received these wonderful pictures from customers recently.
Start with this 16 inch Bru Jne 6. I made the bisque head and bisque shoulder plate, Bru hand and composition legs. And my customer finished the doll by making Chevrot style body by herself.
This is the first time I received pictures from a customer who made her own Chevrot body.
If you ever attempt to make this body, it is very complicated and time consuming.
Not only that, making the body in correct balance with the head is also not easy to do.
I am very impressed with the quality of this body. She did such a great job! Congratulations!
She also made her a beautiful dress by using antique fabrics and trims. She wrote me that she was saving these fabrics for her special doll.I am happy that she finally got her special doll!
Next one is a lovely 18 inch Circle Dot Bru.
She was sold without a dress and my customer made this dress for the doll.
She looks soooo sweet in this turquoise color silk jacket and lace over the skirt dress.
I especially love the picture that she is holding two teddy bears. She looks very happy and sweet and brings smile on everyone who sees this photo. 
It’s always nice to see how my girls look happy at new home.
Thank you for sending these photos and sharing with us!
You can also view these photos at ” customer photo” section on my website.
Please email me if any of you have photos that you want me to add on ” customer photo” section.
I would love to share your talent and creativity and how we ” play dolls” !
他にもHPの”Customer Photo” のコーナーに載せて欲しい画像を持っている方がいらしたら、ぜひ送ってください。

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