I am here!

It’s been three months since I posted last comment. ( Wow! Already?)
It almost looks as if I took three months off but not quite. I completed all orders I was working on, and yes, I did take vacation time for couple of weeks.
Now I am ready to tackle on new doll.
I recently acquired these pair of antique paper weight eyes with beautiful spiral thread. But the most impressive part is the dome.
They have nice high crystal dome that you don’t see in today’s glass eyes.
Antique Bru dolls often have eyes with very high dome that looks almost wet with tears.
These huge dome also reflects more light and give extra sparkles on doll eyes. I love dolls with sparkly eyes. Doll eyes are one of the most important features and I pay extra attention when I create my dolls.
So, I am hoping to be able to make a Bru doll by using these antique eyes. The size of the doll will be around 16 inches and it will be Bru Jne doll.
Since I will be designing the entire doll, I am planning to post progress of the doll on my blog so that people can see what I am up to.
But I warn you that my progress will be slow as a snail. Please be patient with me and email me for any questions.


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