12 inch Millet Bru

One more month till I fly out to Japan and I am pushing really hard to finish my three dolls in time. I finished dress for Millet Bru today. The head was completed last week but I am still waiting for different glass eyes to arrive for try out since I am not sure with antique eyes she has right now.  Her antique eyes appear very bright purplish blue when light shines on her face, but actual color under natural light is more lighter grayish blue. This is something I can’t describe without showing her in person.



Millet Bru head photo taken under studio light


same millet Bru head under indirect room light


Her dress is made with antique red silk fabric with antique lace trim. Small size but I added lots of details. Tiny matched steel buttons at front are also antique and these micro size buttons are extremely hard to find.  But I used all of my stock for this special dress for special bebe !


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