Extra Doll Heads

While I was working on Bru Jne 6 head, I got side tracked and made few extra doll heads. It’s so great that I now have time to play with dolls I have never worked before. Here are some photos of extra doll heads I have made so far. Just let you know I made them just for fun for myself to enjoy and not intended to sell.



This is a Japanese bisque doll head painted to look more like Ichimatsu doll. I like to dress her in Western dress instead of traditional Japanese kimono.



This is Figure A Steiner doll head to make 25 inch doll. I have never made A Steiner doll in the past then I happened to have a vintage figure A Steiner head that eye cut was already done by other artist so I decided to repaint the head.  Her bisque was poured and fired in colored bisque, not white bisque I usually use therefore I did not apply any skin wash and left it as paler skin.  Her eye cut is not even but I set antique French oval eyes and that created more antique look on her. She looks great with this dark brunette antique wig that emphasizes her paler skin complexion. I really like how she turned out and I like to finish her with nice French style dress someday.                   


I am really enjoying doll making without being pressured these days and I believe this is very important in order to improve quality of my future work. I can now say surely that I made a right decision to become a full time doll maker. I hope I will able to reflect my calm and relaxed mind to my new creations from now on. 🙂


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