Back to Japan in December

I have received a very exciting offer recently. Antique decor furniture shop Geographica in Tokyo has been hosting doll exhibition during Christmas season each year and I was offered to display my dolls this year along with dolls created by top doll artists in Japan. I am extremely honored and have decided to accept this offer. This exhibition is a collaboration of art dolls and antique furniture, a perfect match to create a space filled with magical feelings of Christmas. I love antique furniture and I also use them as back drop when I photograph my dolls. It will be an ideal environment to display dolls for me. I am very excited at the same time I am extremely nervous because this will be my first time to exhibit my dolls in public in Japan. I am planing to make two dolls for this event and I have to juggle my schedule to complete them before deadline. I am still planing to finish 16 inch Bru with antique body I am working on right now as scheduled. She will be for sale in November then I will fly back to Japan in December for this event. I thought I will take it easy rest of this year but turned out be as busy as usual. But I am extremely thankful for people who gave me this opportunity. I hope I can create dolls that will meet their expectations.


These are photos from previous doll event at Geographica Tokyo.                             ( picture courtesy by Naruto and Hizuki doll )

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