Shoes and corset for my Bru doll

16 inch Bru doll is almost  complete! I am going to show shoes and corset I made this time.


I traced pattern from antique Bru shoes and reduce the size to fit for 16 inch Bru feet. Bru feet have incredibly realistic sculpting and common one piece shoe patterns do not fit their feet very well.


Instead, Bru shoes were made from two pieces, front section and back section. This seems to create the perfect fitting especially around toe area.


And these are my reproduction of Bru shoes. I used black kidskin, much softer than cowhide and easy to manipulate. I antiqued silver buckle and sole leather to give more authentic look. The ankle buttons are antique glass buttons.


Wouldn’t you be disappointed if you don’t see her wearing proper corset when you undress the doll wearing such a lavishing dress I made last week? Of course you are! So here is a little corset for proper lady.


I used antique fabrics and lace so there are some stains. It’s custom fitted for antique Chevrot body that she has to emphasize her narrow waist.


I am hoping to reveal her in next posting. She will be for sale at the same time. Please stay tuned!


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