Bonnet for 16 inch Bru doll


I made the dress last time, it’s time to make a bonnet this time !   I gather materials fist to get some inspiration for design. I wish I could use all of them but it’s a small bonnet and I don’t think I can put everything on top. LOL 


I don’t really use pattern, I just play with the design as I build the hat. And here is what I came up with. I rarely use feather but I found this feather in my stash and the color seem to work with ribbons and fabric. Instead of adding flowers and more ribbons, I decided to go with simple look with lots of matched lace that I used for the dress.


Brim is two layered and I bent wire asymmetry to give unique look. I used the same ribbon as I used for the dress to give sense of unity.


The fabric of the dress is so pretty, lets not take too much attention away from that. Bonnet is gorgeous but simple enough to keep your eyes on the dress and the doll.


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