Dress for 19 inch Bru Jne 11

I went to see Total Eclipse in Oregon about 10 days ago. Weather was perfect and we had clear view of totality this time. ( It was cloudy when we went to Shanghai in 2009) It was such an amazing experience. I hope many of you were able to enjoy this rare occasion.


It turned this dark during totality at 10:20 AM. We could see black sun in the sky. Very strange feeling.

Huge field was packed with thousands of cars. Yes, going back traffic was horrible.


We stopped by at Crater Lake for hiking.


With my son.  息子です。はは

I did not waste a day to get back to work to finish doll dress for my 19 inch Bru after I came back from trip.Because I am leaving to Europe in few weeks and I have to send out photos of my doll to Japan before I leave. On top of that, I am planing to make another doll, 20 inch AT for exhibition. Am I trying to kill my self? Maybe. 🙂



Here are photos of the Bru dress I made.I poured 20 inch AT head today. This mold is one of my favorites!


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