Making A Thuillier doll

AT doll’s head is ready to be painted and body is ready to be strung. I made French body with straight wrist by using paper-mache’ composition slip. This body is much lighter than the body made from clay based composition slip. I painted the body with antique finish to remove that brand new look.

AT嬢のコンポジションボディーパーツ完成と、ヘッドのビスク焼成までできました。(おー、私にしては仕事が早い!)                      今回のボディはペーパーマシェのスリップを使ったので、今までのクレイベースのスリップを使ったボディーよりだいぶ軽いです。新品のピカピカさを消すために、アンティークっぽい塗装を施しました。

Cutting wider space between fingers to separate them just like antique body.


I am going to use this blue antique silk taffeta from civil war era gown to make the dress for my AT doll. I am planing to set antique blue eyes for this head and this true blue color should make her eyes even more stand out !


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