Maybe change of plans …?

My first trial Bru head came out form kiln. I had to adjust eye cut to fit antique eyes since their shape is different from modern glass eyes. Well, eye cut was not quite what I wanted so I started working on the second head.
Meanwhile I tried to set modern light blue glass eyes on the first head.
Actually I really like how she looks with these eyes !
I was going to make blue dress for antique eyed Bru simply because blue color would be perfect to complement here antique eyes.
But also I have been wanting to make a pink dress for quite a while. And this Bru head looks very good on pink color when I draped over pink silk fabric.
There is also a wonderful design of Bru dress that I have been wanting to make for a long time.
Maybe I will go ahead use this head instead and make her a pink dress.
I have saved these beautiful antique silk fabrics for my special doll.
Hope I can use them this time.     Humm, I am getting excited!

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