Bru head #2 with antique eyes

My ultimate goal is to make a Bru doll looks just like an antique.
But I never achieved this goal maybe because my painting still looks
” too new” or ” too neat” compare to antique dolls.
 I was hoping to break through this ” wall ” someday and create a Bru doll looks so close to antique.
I think this head came pretty close to my dream.
Using antique eyes makes such a difference! I could never create this ” look” by using modern glass eyes.
I thought I really liked looks of my first Bru head with modern eyes before I made this head, but my heart was pounding from excitement when I set antique eyes on this head.
She started breathing and speaking to me when I applied eyes on her.
Now my mind is set to use this head to make a complete doll.
I took photos of her with temporary wig and bonnet. Her dress will be in blue color.
It will be so much fun to make a fabulous dress for her!
Profile of the same head with antique eyes. Nice high crystal dome.

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