Bonnet for 20 inch AT doll

I made Bru bonnet last time, now  it’s time to make one for AT doll. She originally had ecru color lace bonnet and I could just leave it for her. But I thought her bonnet should have bit darker tone to match lace I used for the dress.


Luckly I still had same edging lace left I used for the dress so I decided to make a new lace bonnet for her.


As you probably know, you need mega yardage of lace and silk ribbon in order to make lace bonnet. I ended up using 10 yards of edging lace to make this little bonnet.( OMG!) And 5 yards of silk ribbon. I would have used more ribbons if I had any supplies left . Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy antique bonnet instead of making one if you try to use expensive antique materials.


But at the end of the day, I am so glad I made this bonnet for her. She look so happy and it matches with her dress better than ecru bonnet.


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