My next doll

February came and gone and I feel like I did not accomplished anything. I was doing some prep work for May workshop between watching Olympic and doing tax prep. I don’t usually manufacturer multiple doll parts at one once so this is very time consuming. I am also trying to develop original pattern of Chevrot body from antique Bru Chevrot body instead of using conventional body pattern I have been using. This job also turned out to be challenging because original Bru body pattern is very different from conventional one. I feel like I opened can of worms I am not suppose to. 🙁 Meanwhile I have been receiving few inquiries about my next doll for sale. I started Schmitt doll last time but that’s not going to finish anytime soon since I have plenty prep work to do for May workshop. I have decided to make 14 inch Bru Jne 4 by using antique Chevrot body I am using to make body pattern from. At least I can tell everyone that’s what my next doll will be. 🙂



This will be my first doll for sale this year,14 inch Bru Jne 4 with antique Chevrot body. However, I do not like result of this head so I will be making another one.          今年初めての新作は、このアンティークボディを使った35cmほどのBruJne4です。 試作品のこのヘッドは出来上がりが気に入らないのでボツにして、また新しいのを作り直します。

I am making new body pattern from this antique Chevrot body.                       ワークショップ用のボディパターンを、オリジナルのBruシェブローボディから取ってみることにしました。


At least I made SFGW for May workshop. They will be cleaned and bisque fired, then I will apply skin tone in order to save time during workshop. ワークショップ用のSFGWが出来ました。ワークショップの時間を有効に使うため、これからビスク焼成をして、肌色の絵付けまでしてから皆さんにお顔の絵付けをしてもらいます。


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