New head for 14 inch Bru

The first Bru Jne 4 head I made for 14 inch Bru did not have the look I wanted so I made another one. I was very lucky to be able to find these high crystal dome antique blue eyes perfect for this small head. They are extremely hard to find compare to larger size antique eyes. I changed the shape of lips and eyebrows on new head but using different color of eyes made the biggest difference on their look.


Left is a new head and right is the first trial head 左が新しいヘッドで右側が前回作ったヘッド

Photo taken outside. This photo shows more depth of the facial features.                           外で撮影してみました。こちらの画像だとお顔の作りがもっとはっきりわかります

photo taken inside under natural light.                                                                                                              室内自然光で撮影。ちょっと平面っぽく写りました。

Will mount my repro Bru head on this antique Chevrot body               さっそくこのヘッドをアンティークのシェブローボディに取り付けたいと思います

See how high these crystal domes are! すごい張り出しでしょう?うっとり (^^♪

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